Pattachitra Painted Bottle Art – Green

Pattachitra Bottle Art – Green 

A recycled bottle turned into something unique and precious as decorative glass bottle by Pattachitra artists from Odisha (India). Use these as a flower vase or simply place them on a table top or window sill to add an ethnic Indian touch to your room.

Each bottle is first lined with canvas and then intricately painted with human and animal figures. It takes about 3 days to just prepare the canvas and another 7-8 days to paint and finally lacquer coat one bottle.


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Pattachitra Painted Bottle Art – Green

More about Pattachitra Art

Pattachitra is a style of painting that originated in West Bengal and Odisha (India), literally means picture on cloth / canvas (Patta = canvas, chitra = picture). The art dates back to 12th century AD. Various Pattachitra themes exist, with some artists proficient in pictures inspired by nature, some focus on current social issues and some Hindu religious / mythological depictions

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