Pattachitra Hand painted ladles (set of 2)

Pattachitra Hand painted ladles (set of 2)

Vibrantly hand-painted wooden ladles with Pattachitra painting, sold in a set of 2 are a great gift idea. Not only are they beautiful, but affordable too. Both ladles are painting with good quality paints and are topped with varnish to protect the paint. They come with a small hole for them to be hung onto a wall, perfect for some kitchen wall art.

Note: The ladles are solely for decoration purpose and are not to be used in cooking or as serveware. Wipe gently with a damp cloth if needed. Do not scrub.

Handcrafted by original Pattachitra artist from Odisha (India)


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Pattachitra Hand painted ladles (set of 2)

More about Pattachitra Art

Pattachitra is a style of painting that originated in West Bengal and Odisha (India), literally means picture on cloth / canvas (Patta = canvas, chitra = picture). Various Pattachitra themes exist, with some artists proficient in pictures inspired by nature, some focus on current social issues and some show Hindu religious / mythological depictions.

Dimensions34.5 × 6.5 cm
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